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4 Important Questions to Ask Before Beginning a Home Remodeling Project

A home remodel is a major decision. Doing it properly will require research, reflection, and meticulous planning.

As you continue to move through the early stages of a home renovation project, Eagle Construction is here to ease some of the burden that comes with such a massive project.

At Eagle, we care about our clients wants, needs, and concerns, and that’s why we’re here to tell you about four key questions you should consider before kicking off the journey to your dream home.

Question #1: How Do I Decide on a Budget?

The first step in any home renovation plan is deciding on how much money you are comfortable spending on your project.

The best way to decide this is to create a renovation “must-have” list, which includes everything you absolutely need your new kitchen, bath, or addition to include. Following that, you should also create a “wish” list, which includes features you’d really like to have included, but may not be as necessary. Be sure to conduct a lot of research and gather multiple inspiration photos that best illustrate your style and desired finish level!

After gathering your inspiration materials and making your lists, you should then contact your preferred contractor so that you can share your ideas and get an accurate price quote for a certified and experienced professional.

The pros at Eagle Construction will be more than happy to work with you to develop a concept and budget that includes the perfect blend of your needs and desires at a price you can afford.

Question #2: How Much Time Should My Project Take to Complete?

A home renovation project can sometimes be a time-consuming process. Depending on what your project is, and how complex the work may be, significant construction projects can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to complete.

Some of the most important factors to consider when trying to determine the time commitment to any given remodel include the following:

  • The scope and complexity of your project – How many spaces are you renovating? Does it include a mix of interior and exterior features? Does it include structural changes? Each of these questions can affect your projected timeframe in different ways.
  • The organizational ability, management skills, and reliability of your contractor – The more experienced and knowledgeable your chosen contractor is, the more efficiently your project will move forward. Eagle Construction’s proprietor, George Lobb, has been in the business of home renovation for over 30 years!
  • Your level of decisiveness when it comes to big choices – Although your contractor’s skill-level will have a lot to do with the time your project takes to complete, being direct, decisive, and assertive during your ongoing renovation can also help eliminate confusion and allow everyone to better focus on the subject at hand.

Each of the above factors can all play a significant role in the variable time commitment for any given basement, kitchen, or bathroom remodel.

Question #3: What Decisions Should I Make BEFORE Demolition Starts?

Speaking of decisiveness, there are several key decisions that a homeowner should have already made prior to the start of the demolition phase of your remodeling project. Before the dirty work starts, you’ll want to nail down a few key selections regarding the finer details of your project. These selections should include the following:

  • The style and size of your windows and exterior doors.
  • The style, brand, and functionality of your desired appliances
  • The style and look of your plumbing fixtures
  • The design and material of your interior flooring
  • Other speciality finishes, including backsplash, light fixtures, tile, imports, etc.

Be sure to decide on, and perhaps even purchase, these materials before the demolition phase of your renovation project begins. Doing so will save you significant time and stress as your remodel begins to really take off. Don’t forget! The pros at Eagle Construction can act as facilitators for this selection process, working alongside you to ensure all your selections are made on time and on budget.

Question #4: How Do I Choose the Right Contractor For My Needs?

The heart of any successful remodeling or renovation project begins with a construction company who knows what they’re doing and cares about what you want.Pulling off such a massive feat requires keen knowledge, organized scheduling, quality material, flawless design, and meticulous supervision.

At Eagle Construction, we employ a highly skilled team of craftsmen who rely on our years of experience and careful attention to create exciting and stress-free environments in which you can see your home remodel dreams come alive!

To get started today, don’t hesitate to contact Eagle Construction in Blandon, PA at your earliest convenience! We look forward to working with you!

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