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4 Places For Accent Walls In Your Home

Accent walls help to give rooms a little more of a pop by making one wall stand out from the others. These are often created through different paint choices, wallpaper, or even certain types of decor to enhance a room and make it stand out just a little bit more.

The great thing about accent walls is that they can be implemented in just about every room in the home, regardless of use. This doesn’t mean you should go peppering your whole home with accent walls, but it does mean that you have options are you look to remodel your home and give it the well-deserved enhancements that it needs.

Here we’ll take a look at where you can implement accent walls throughout your home and the benefits of doing so to each particular room.

bedroom accent wall


Bedrooms are a common location for accent walls, as they help break up the room and provide a little character to it. In light-colored bedrooms, many people place the accent while behind their bed, as it can serve to accent the look of the bed and headboard. Accent walls give a nice aesthetic touch to bedrooms while not going overboard and giving them too much flair.  

Living Rooms and Family Rooms

Living rooms and bedrooms are the two most common spaces where you’ll find an accent wall. Accent walls are especially useful in living and family rooms if there aren’t any striking furniture or architectural features to draw attention in the room. If that’s the case in your home, an accent wall can fill that void.

bonus room accent wall

Bonus Rooms

Bonus rooms, whether they’re a media room, guest room, man cave or other use are great places to put an accent wall. If you use the room as a sort of fan cave where you watch all your favorite sports games, movies or TV shows, considering adding an accent wall with decorations, posters or memorabilia to give the room some personality that matches the use of the room.

kitchen accent wall


Kitchens can also use accent walls if you’re looking to accentuate yours. Common accent walls occur naturally in the form of backsplashes, but you can also enhance them with paint or unique wallpaper to give your kitchen an added visual touch. You can also hang pots and pans along one wall in a decorative fashion to create an appealing-yet-functional accent wall.

Another beauty of accent walls is that nearly anything can be used to create them. Paint, artwork, wallpaper and certain types of storage can all be used to make one wall stand out in a way that will enhance an entire room. There are limitless possibilities for how you can implement these aesthetically-pleasing features in your home, all it takes is a room that you believe is in need of a little upgrading.

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