Mid-Century Remodeling Tips
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4 Tips for a Mid-Century Remodel

Are you considering a mid-century home? If so, chances are you’ll be doing plenty of remodeling. While you may feel eager to begin, make sure you’re prepared for everything.

These tips should help you plan, coordinate, and finish your mid-century renovation, helping you achieve the home of your dreams.

1. Safety Preparations

Safety should be your top priority when you’re remodeling any type of home. Mid-century homes are older and prone to be a bit hazardous, such as having asbestos or unsafe floors. Whatever you do, keep everyone involved in your home renovation safe.


An inspector should have given your house a thorough look over and alerted you of any potential dangers. You should also be working with a qualified team of contractors who are well aware of hazards and have the proper steps in place to ensure a completely safe renovation.

2. Know Before You Go

If you recently purchased your midcentury home, take some time to get to know the house before you remodel. Sometimes, what you think a room should be and what a room is actually capable of are two different things. More likely than not, features that you weren’t so fond of when you first moved in can grow on you to become your favorite parts of your home.


Begin your renovation with necessary fixes that improve functionality and safety. Once those are completed, you can start considering design changes. Live in your home as much as possible so you can better understand its personality before you make big alterations. This can also help you stretch your budget rather than dump thousands of dollars into your home in a short time frame.

3. Consider an Open Plan

Most older homes tend to be closed off. New homes lean in the opposite direction and follow open floor plans. If you want to create a modern feel to your mid-century home, consider opening it up as much as possible.


Walk through your house and inspect every area to see where you could reduce its walls and create an open landscape. Working with a contractor will help you determine which walls can be eliminated, which could be turned into half walls, and which cannot be touched. The beauty of this is that you’ll have the freedom to make your home as open, or as private, as you like.

4. Choose Your Materials Wisely

Your mid-century home probably uses less showy materials compared to newer homes. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A mid-century home comes with its own personality and charm, so be mindful of the changes you’re making. Sometimes, vinyl flooring and laminate countertops give off a retro and vintage vibe that makes your home unique.


Do a walkthrough and note which materials need to change and which could probably stay for a while. Take functionality as the main consideration when making your selections and start by replacing only what is necessary. When you do make changes, choose your materials wisely and match your home’s vintage style. And of course, replacing less will lower the cost of your overall renovation, which is always a plus.


Remodeling any home is a challenge, but it’s not so hard when you have an awesome team of experienced contractors by your side. Let the craftsmen at Eagle Construction handle the hard stuff so you can sit back and enjoy your beautiful new home.

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