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5 Showerhead Types For Your Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms are a major wow factor in your home to both guests and potential buyers, and can provide added comfort depending on the features. One of the components that can really put your bathroom over the top is a quality showerhead that transforms the ordinary showering experience into one of comfort and relaxation.

There are generally five types of showerheads to purchase, each with different benefits depending on what you value in your shower. In this post, we examine the five main types of showerheads and what they’ll offer to your new bathroom.


Bathroom shower head spraying water on blue backgroundTraditional Single-Head Showerhead

These are pretty self-explanatory. Single-head showerheads are your average, run-of-the-mill showerhead that you likely grew up using. They’re nothing fancy, but there are plenty of appealing options to choose from with different features and water pressures. If you’re looking for a simple and sophisticated showerhead, single-head showerheads are the way to go.


rain shower head with rain spout in the bathroomRain Shower

Rain showers are implemented through a large, flat showerhead that allows water to fall straight onto your from above, instead of from an angle like traditional showerheads. Not only do rain showers look incredible, but they cover a larger surface area than traditional showerheads. For those who want an aesthetically pleasing shower that also feels like they’re showering in a (warm) rain storm, a rain shower is for you.


Modern shower cabin with hydro massage. Water pours out of the jets in the modern shower.Body Shower

Body shower valves provide water from additional areas, not just the above showerhead, to wash the body from all different sides. Body showers provide a relaxing experience similar to a jacuzzi or hot tub due to their massaging nature from different angles. Body showers will provide a spa-like feel in your bathroom that is as efficient as it is relaxing.


One palm of hand under water jets from handheld shower with slide bar.Handheld Showerheads

Handheld showerheads provide versatility in showers, allowing the bather to detach and move the showerhead to their liking, similar to a sink sprayer. These can be installed in addition to other showerheads, or as the primary showerhead in your bathroom. If a little versatility is what you need, a handheld showerhead could be a good option.


Luxurious mansion wet room style shower with black square tiled walls framing wall mount rainfall shower head.Multiple Showerheads

Multiple showerheads can help provide a through and relaxing wash from multiple angles. A potential option is an overhead rain-style showerhead with a traditional angled showerhead nearby. This adds both comfort and versatility in your shower so you can get a good wash and some relaxation at the same time.

The beauty of showerheads is that there are many options to choose from, options which can be combined and matched to your liking. Many of these showerheads and valves can be implemented together to fit individual homeowners, providing solutions for nearly any bathroom remodel ideas you may have. Be sure to consult with an experienced bathroom contractor to figure out how to create the best shower for your home, so you can live with an incredible shower for years to come.

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