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Remodeling Tips

5 Solutions For Your Empty Nest

If you have an empty nest in your home, it’s likely because your child has moved out to begin living in their home. While this feeling may be bittersweet, the opportunity provides a chance to to repurpose or remodel the new room, granting you the chance to breathe new life in your home.

What was once a bedroom can become something brand new, customized to fit your family’s needs and desires. Below are a few ideas for remodeling your empty nest so you can turn it into a useful, enjoyable space.


the girl with long hair dressed comfortably reading a book on the couch in the background of the home library the concept of reading and leisure time weekendsLibrary

For the bookworms out there, a library is an easy decision. Libraries provide a relaxing, comfortable space to curl up with a good book. Libraries can be implemented through the purchase of comfortable furniture, a desk of table, the proper lighting, and of course, bookshelves.

New flooring might be a nice touch as well. Hardwood flooring will help give your library a classy, appealing aesthetic, especially when installed by an experienced hardwood flooring contractor.


Young businesswoman woman is sitting at kitchen table and uses laptop, working, studying. On table tablet computer, paper documents. Freelancer works at home. Online marketing, education, e-learning.Home Office

If you’re looking for a new space that you’ll be productive in, you might want to consider a home office. These are relatively easy implement, as a desk, some tables and storage will help turn your empty nest into a functional home office.

If you’re someone who wants to implement tech into your office, custom-built entertainment centers can be a great way to display monitors, screens and other forms of technology that can add to your home office.


White towels with gerbera on bed in hotel bedroom interior. Ready for guests room, accommodation, welcome service concept, copy spaceGuest Room

A guest room may be the easiest transition from your now-empty nest, as some new carpeting, new furniture and new decor can make an unused bedroom a stunning guest room.

Turning a current bedroom into a guest room isn’t a full-on remodeling project, but any flooring or structural changes should be considered with the help of a contractor, as professional advice can really help give your guest room the extra aesthetic boost it needs.


Young man watching football game on television, celebrating goal, crazy happy jumping on couch at home, holding beer bottle eating chips. Emotional fan watching the game of your favorite team

Man Cave

Need a space where you can get away and pursue your hobbies and interests? Then a man cave may be the solution!

Whether you deck it out in sports memorabilia, or use it as a place to binge-watch your favorite shows and films, a man cave is never a bad way to give a room purpose. Many man caves have an impressive media display, with flat screen TVs and stereo systems and more, designed to make your man cave the favorite room in the house.


home gymnasium with television in mansion private residence

Home Gym

Who needs a gym membership when you can create a mini-gym right in the comfort of your own home? Adding free weights, weight machines and cardio equipment can give you all you need to get fit and stay healthy.

One thing to keep in mind is the type of flooring you have in the room. Non-slip flooring is crucial for safety, as it reduces the chances of slips and falls. The flooring should also be strong enough to hold heavy weights and equipment without significant wear. It is best to discuss flooring options with a contractor before moving ahead with the transition to a home gym.

Get rid of your empty nest syndrome by eliminating your empty nest! If you can think of a purpose for the room, you can almost certainly bring it to life. Getting the proper help and professional advice is important throughout the project, so you can make sure you make the most out of your empty nest.

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