5 Winter Home Renovations
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5 Winter Home Renovations

This year, beat the springtime remodeling rush. Get started on your home renovations during the winter so by the time warmer weather rolls around, you’ll be relaxing instead of remodeling.

Spring is the most popular time to begin a remodel. While most people think warm weather will allow their renovations to stay on track, contractors are likely to become flooded with projects which can slow everything down. Plus, you’re spending lots of time indoors in the winter, so why not put that time to good use and get a head start on your remodeling projects!

1. Upgrade Bathroom Fixtures

Little updates around your bathroom can be done at any time, so why not get started now? If your bathroom is looking a tad outdated, minor upgrades can transform it from drab to fab.

Ideas for Your Bathroom Remodel:

  • Install safety features (such as a shower seat or handrails)
  • Switch out old faucets for fresh ones
  • Add extra lighting
  • Bring in new countertops
  • Create a bathroom vanity

2. Remodel Your Basement

Basements are a great area to remodel regardless of the time of year. Your contractors will be primarily working indoors where it’s warm, so you won’t have to worry about chilly temperatures outside affecting your renovation.

Ideas for Your Basement Remodel:

  • Add insulation
  • Transform your basement into a playroom, den, or extra bedroom
  • Attach doors leading outside
  • Install new windows for more natural light to flow in

3. Update Your Laundry Room

When it comes to remodeling, one of the most commonly overlooked areas of the home is the laundry room. Just like your kitchen and bathroom, laundry rooms easily become outdated and need some TLC. Most laundry rooms are small and windowless, making them a perfect winter remodeling project.

Ideas for Your Laundry Room Remodel:

  • Install shelves for better storage and organization
  • Add an extra countertop for folding laundry
  • Update appliances
  • Spruce up the design with a fresh paint job

4. Upgrade Your Cabinetry

Giving your kitchen cabinets a makeover is an optimal project for wintry days. Adding new designs and features can be done quickly and shouldn’t be impacted by the weather. A proper cabinet upgrade makes your kitchen look as good as new while also increasing its functionality.

Ideas for Your Cabinetry Remodel:

  • Replace cabinetry hardware
  • Repaint and refine your kitchen cabinets
  • Reline the interior of your cabinets
  • Add new shelving for better kitchen organization

5. Create a Study

If you have an area in your house that’s not being utilized, transform it into a quiet den or study for reading, writing, and working. If you don’t work from home, it’ll still be nice to have an area for storing important files, managing bills, and completing paperwork. Plus, since space is already there, it’s the perfect indoor project that you don’t need warmer weather to complete.

Ideas for Your Study Remodel:

  • Add shelving to your walls for storage
  • Bring in a bookcase
  • Incorporate a filing cabinet for organization
  • Install adequate lighting


If you’re ready to get started on a remodeling project, the experts at Eagle Construction are here to get the job done!

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