8 Ways to Reuse Your Christmas Tree
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8 Ways to Reuse Your Christmas Tree

Rockin’ around the Christmas tree…even after Christmas! Your Christmas tree doesn’t have to be a burden. In fact, there are many ways you can put your old tree to good use around your home!

1. Use It For Mulching

Pine needles make an exceptional mulching tool. They’re dry and decompose slowly, making them great for covering crops. If you have a chipper, you can use that to transform your tree into mulch. If not, try cutting the thin branches into one to two-inch pieces. As a bonus, your walkway will smell like a winter wonderland after you’ve planted your mulch!

2. Create Coasters

Is your New Year’s resolution to keep a cleaner home? If so, transform your Christmas tree into efficient coasters! Cut thin slabs from your tree trunk and sand them until they’re smooth. Apply a coat of polyurethane so there’s no leftover sap lingering and tada! You’ve created some beautiful and useful new coasters for your coffee table!

8 Ways to Reuse Your Christmas Tree

3. Begin a Compost Pile

Will this be the year you begin composting? A layer of thin branches from your Christmas tree creates an excellent base for a compost pile. Trim down your Christmas tree’s branches so they fit into your compost bin and stack them four to six inches high. Once they’re all set up, you can start adding your waste and debris.

4. Leave It For The Birds

Take your tree, while it’s still in its tree stand, and set it up outside. Place the tree in a bare spot or somewhere you can admire it from your kitchen window. Hang bird feeders on the branches and you’ll create a charming bird sanctuary for local wildlife. You can even cover a few pinecones in peanut butter and hang them from your tree for your flying friends to enjoy!

5. Feed the Fire

You should never use Christmas tree branches to feed an inside fire because creosote buildup can become dangerous. But if you have an outside fire pit, you can certainly use your Christmas tree for kindling! Cut off the branches and toss them into an outdoor fire that warms you up in the winter weather.

8 Ways to Reuse Your Christmas Tree

6. Give it to the Fish

Fish love when trees sink into their water. Trees provide food and refuge for aquatic life, so put your Christmas tree to productive use by letting it sink into your pond. If you don’t have a pond, call a local park and see if they’ll let you drop off your tree for the fish to enjoy.

7. Edge Your Flower Beds

Use your tree trunk to create a border around a pathway or garden. Cut the trunk into discs about two inches in length. Set them around soil or a walkway and you’ll have a natural barrier that looks beautiful.

8. Call for Recycling Help

Call your local recycling center or trash service and see what options are available for recycling your Christmas tree.


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