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Remodeling Tips

Addition or Remodel? That Is The Question

Whenever it comes time to consider how you want to improve your home, it usually comes down to the common question “should I attach an addition, or should I remodel space I already have? Both have their benefits, and can add to the value and comfort of the home, but which is right for you?

Remodeling Is Necessary For Both

No matter what you decide, both of these projects actually require remodeling. Even if you are doing an addition, the way that new space interacts with your existing home requires an adjustment. Extending the bathroom typically entails rearranging what’s already there, and the same goes for any room.

Repurpose Unused Space

Some rooms in our homes are simply storage areas, or empty space. Before undergoing an expensive addition, consider remodeling that attic or basement that runs the length of the house. These spaces can effectively add a whole other floor to your home, with a lot of the work already done.

Look At Cost vs. Goal

An addition is usually far more expensive than a remodel, and they often have the same goal: improve the use of interior space. One solution is to attach more space to the home, but it’s also possible to utilize and modify existing rooms to achieve the same effect. Before you decide on an addition, talk to an expert about working with the space you already have in your home.

Are There Finished Spaces You Aren’t Using?

Look at the rooms in your house and think about how often you go into each one. Chances are, you have a space you hardly ever use. In most homes, this comes in the form of a formal living room. This once essential space has actually fallen out of favor over the last few years. Many families are looking for more utility in their spaces, and perhaps repurposing your own barely used rooms is the simpler solution.

Do You Know A Professional?

Oftentimes, talking with a professional contractor or remodeling service can give you a clearer idea about what you can do with your space. They have the experience necessary to judge what can be done to achieve your personal goals for your home. By consulting with experts, you’re more likely to get a solution that not only improves comfort and meets your needs, but also increases the value of your home.

If you are weighing your options about remodeling vs attaching an addition, go with the experts you can trust. Eagle Construction and Remodeling is ready to help you make the decision that best suits your home and lifestyle. Contact us today.

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