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Beach Up Your Home on a Budget

In the midst of summertime, most people are craving some well-earned vacation time, most likely at a beautiful coastal beach home. And why wouldn’t they, with its relaxing atmosphere, laid-back decorating scheme, and of course having the ocean in their backyard?

Sadly, that fantasy is fairly unattainable for most of the population. While a lucky select few are able to live permanently on the glorious coast, many are landlocked and/or live miles from the nearest beach, and owning a beach house is a hefty investment that’s not in most peoples’ budgets. That doesn’t mean you can’t bring in the spirit of the sea and make your ordinary house feel a little bit more like a beachy getaway all year round.

Here are some design & decor tips for making your home feel more beachy on a budget.

Colors & Patterns

White and cream shades are a perfect base for a beachy decorating scheme. Paint the wall white, add white or cream furniture or carpeting, or use white for bedding. From here you can play around with additional colors and hues to create just the right ambiance.

Use neutral shades such as tans, browns, beige/nude, and light grays for a more earthy feel, seafoam green and sky blue for a ocean-inspired atmosphere, or red and navy for a classic nautical vibe. With a more neutral scheme, adding bright splashes of color with accent pieces and architectural elements in shades of turquoise, yellow, orange, coral, and hot pink will really bring that authentic beach home experience. When it comes to patterns for bedspreads, pillows, and cushions, follow that same relaxed mentality with stripes, florals, beach-inspired designs, and nautical motifs that are breezy without commanding too much attention.

Fabrics & Textures

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The textures and fabrics found in any beach home are characterized by several factors: comfort, lightness, and ease – nothing too dark, harsh, or synthetic. Natural materials provide a cozy, welcoming feel with minimal fuss.

Bamboo is a great all-purpose material for flooring, shades or rugs/runners that instantly recalls a tropical atmosphere. Wicker chairs and furniture sets evoke outdoor patio design in warmer weather while baskets make excellent easily-accessible storage.

Distressed wood/driftwood flooring and rugs made from natural woven materials (including sisal, sea grass, and jute) add a natural, rustic element. Use fabrics such as linen, cotton, or canvas for bedspreads, pillows, or sofas for a soft, comfortable feeling. Slipcovers are a practical way to regularly change the style of your chairs with minimal cleaning; use complementary hues or patterns as room accents. Try white marble or mosaic glass tile for your kitchen or bathroom. Sheer curtains help bring natural light into any room.


Accessories are some of the easiest and cheapest ways to bring in a beachy-inspired element into the home; even just a simple accent can really spruce up a room. Place some potted flowers or tropical plants in rustic planters around the house (some popular choices include palms, rubber trees, aloe vera, and baby dracaena). If the climate isn’t appropriate for real plants, get fake ones instead!

Hang an indoor hammock or hanging chair for a cheap, easy way to create a relaxing area. String some miniature tiki lanterns or fairy lights on your patio or deck. Display some beachy or nautical-inspired paintings or artwork on the wall. Comb the beach for treasures such as seashells, sea glass, sand dollars, and starfish, clean them up and use them for decoration; display them in bowls or use them for accents on mirrors, picture frames, or wind chimes. Use candles, air fresheners, or potpourri for filling the aroma with some beach-inspired fragrances.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a complete home renovation to achieve this effect. Even a few simple decor changes can help bring in that beachy feeling into the cloudiest, most landlocked house. This season, why not try a few for yourself and see the results firsthand?

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