Contractor Relationships
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Build a Great Relationship With Your Contractor

A successful home project starts with a great relationship with your home remodeling team. If you’re hiring contractors to transform your home, you must have respect, trust, and clear communication.

1. Define Your Business Relationship

Your project should be clearly outlined in a document that both you and your contractor have a copy of. This is a great opportunity for you and your team to discuss your business relationship, resources, and restrictions. It should outline all of your specifications such as your budget, start date, end date, and operational requirements. It’s a useful document to have in case the stipulations of the remodeling job come into question.

2. Establish a Reasonable Timeline

Before you begin remodeling, create a reasonable timeline with your team. It should include your agreed-upon start and end date as well as benchmarks along the way. To be thorough, write down your timeline so can ensure that progress is moving along as scheduled. Remember to keep your timeline reasonable. A timeline is useless if it’s not feasible to complete. Factor in extra time for any unexpected obstacles or hiccups along the way so your entire project doesn’t get thrown off.


Keep in mind that homeowners can easily cause delays in their own renovation projects. If you want to be involved in your home project, make sure you’re following through with your tasks just like your contractors are. If you need to move furniture for your builders to work on a particular room, then make sure you do it in a timely manner so your rebuild doesn’t get slowed down.

3. Outline The Most Important Aspects of Your Project

Be honest and upfront about what’s important in your project. If cutting the budget wherever possible is crucial, let your contractors know so they can make it happen. If you’re redesigning your kitchen and the countertops are where you want to go all out, communicate that to your contractor. Open and clear communication will get you the results you’re looking for.

4. Hit The Brakes When Necessary

If you’re sensing tension or think something’s off with your renovation, pause and fix the problems before you move forward. Hitting the brakes on your project can save it from crashing and burning entirely. If there are issues with your contractor, sit down and talk it out. Don’t start your project again until you’re satisfied with how things are going and feel that everything is back on track.

5. Have Fun

Redesigning your home is exciting, so don’t forget to have some fun! Explore different designs and styles and sneak some fun into your project whenever you can.

Contractor Relationships


If you’re truly happy with your contractor’s work, tell them! Referrals go a long way, so leave a review and spread the word about your contractor’s exceptional work.


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