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Built-In Storage Ideas For Your Home

A frequent complaint among homeowners these days is that there aren’t enough storage areas in their home to house all of their things. Built-in storage is the perfect way to keep clutter at bay, giving your home a sleeker, more modern look. From convenient cupboards to walk-in closets, adding storage is the perfect way to add the style and organization that your home deserves.

Don’t let your home’s layout get in the way of you installing proper storage in your home. Below are some built-in storage ideas that are sure to be a lifesaver.


Pull-out Kitchen Cabinets

Old, outdated kitchen cabinets sure can be a pain. Not only can you not store as much kitchen products as you’d wish, deep cabinets can put those products in hard to reach places. Pull-outs are a much more efficient space solution.

Walk-in Closets

Who hasn’t ever visualized of having a walk-in closet? Walk-in closets are a fantastic organizational tool for anyone that has a large wardrobe. However, a walk-in closet is not just limited to shoes and clothing, it is also a great storage area for all of those out-of-season bins and bags. The options for a walk-in closet are endless  – cubbies, rods, shelves, drawers, and cabinets can all be added. Not to mention that a walk-in will add value to your home.

Built-in Bathroom Holders

Why not customize the most private room in your home. Are you grossed out by the idea of leaving your toilet plunger out in plain sight? Add built-in holders to keep your bathroom products hidden. Don’t stop there. Keep your bathroom counters clean by adding holders to contain all your cosmetic and hair products organized.

Add A Shelf Over Your Toilet

While staying with the bathroom theme, another option is installing a shelf above your bathroom’s toilet. Give your bathroom a sleeker look by adding a floating shelf above the toilet. It can hold extra bathroom products or even decorations if you please.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves aren’t just great in the bathroom; they work in any room of your home. Floating shelves can add versatile space from anywhere from your home office to your living room.

Cozy Bookshelves

A bookworm’s dream. Add class and sophistication to your home and snuggle up with your favorite novel within close reach.

Garage Storage

A garage can get messy. Shocker, right? With all that excess junk you have in your garage, why wouldn’t you want to add extra storage to clean up that mess. Shelves and cabinets can store all of your excess tools and garden supplies.


Any of the above options are sure to add valuable space to your home. Finding something stylish and functional is key to cleaning up your clutter and adding value to your home’s decor.


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