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Choosing the Right Paint Color : How Colors Affect Mood

What’s your favorite color? This question is fairly simple, and often has an easy answer for most people. However, what isn’t as easy is deciding what color to paint the interior of your home.

Interior paint choice is an integral part of home ownership. You want to make the home your own, while keeping the rooms stylish and clean.

So, how do you decide the color of your interior paint? Depending on the room, the color choice will likely vary. One way of deciding what color to use is to look into how the color makes people feel.

Different colors cause people to process situations differently. The same can be said about your home. The trick is picking the color that best suits your desires for your home.


Blue is a very common color choice for interior design. It is a favorite color among many people, making it a safe option for most homes. Additionally, the color is often associated with calm and peace. Blue is a great option anywhere in your home you want to relax, and is often used in bathrooms or bedrooms.


Black paint may not be the most popular choice for many interiors, but it can be used very effectively in some situations. It’s gritty and can be both powerful and dramatic. This makes it a great choice in certain settings, especially as an accent color.


Yellow paint, when used wisely, can be a great way to liven up a room in your home. It echoes positivity and can give people a more enjoyable experience. However, its important to select a shade that is not too jarring, and to only use the color in conservative amounts.


Throughout history, purple was associated with wealth or position. It was the color of royalty in many monarchies. This history plays into how it makes people feel; purple can make people associate something with luxury. When combined with dark wood floors and trim, purple paint offers a rich, elegant look.


A white room tends to evoke simplicity or cleanliness to its occupants. This is why kitchens and bathrooms are often painted white; owners and guests alike desire these rooms to be clean. Simple and effective, white paint makes a great option for nearly any room, and combines with any accent color.

This list is just a small glimpse into how paint choice can affect how a room makes someone feel. In the end, the choice is yours, so go with what works for you.

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