Entertaining at Your Home
Remodeling Tips

Create an Entertainment-Friendly Home

If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to become a better entertainer, we’ve got the tips you’re looking for! Style and transform your home into an entertainment-friendly atmosphere, perfect for dinner parties and social gatherings.

Open Up Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most popular gathering areas during a party. If you have an older home, it was probably designed with a small and tight kitchen area. Taking out some walls can make your kitchen look much bigger and give yourself more room for party hosting. Not only are they great for entertaining, but an open kitchen allows for better storage and efficiency. Many homeowners are turning to open-floor plans, so opening up your kitchen will give you a great ROI when it’s time to sell your house.

Design a Deck

Don’t forget about your outside when it comes to redesigning our home! Adding a deck or outdoor porch is a great idea for making your home more entertainment-friendly. A beautiful outdoor deck is perfect on a warm day and the ideal place to host a summer BBQ. For winter months, a sheltered porch with a space heater can make your outdoor area feel comfy and cozy. Utilizing outdoor spaces is a great and more affordable option than adding an entire addition to your house. Plus, you’ll enjoy the space even when you’re not throwing a party!

Entertaining at Your Home

Make A Multi-Purpose Room

Do you have a room designated for multiple purposes? If not, create one! Many families use their multi-purpose rooms for games, movies, relaxing, and hosting family and friends. Incorporating a multi-purpose room is a great trick for entertaining. Having an extra room keeps kids and loud noises separated from the party, so you and your guests can eat and chat without interruption in your main room.

Add a Kitchen Island

If you want to become the hostess with the mostess, add an island into your kitchen’s layout. Cooking can get chaotic, so save the countertops for your mess and use the island for setting out your delicious dinner and hors d’œuvres. Having an island is easy for guests to get to and will keep them away from your kitchen area, which you might be using to cook. Plus, when you’re not hosting, you can use your island for more kitchen counter space.

Set the Mood

To top off your party of the year, create the right ambiance. Lighting is often overlooked when it comes to party hosting, and having the right balance is key. Getting enough natural light into your rooms is always a good look. Try adding new or bigger windows that shed more light from the outside into your home. If you’re entertaining at night, incorporate dimming switches into the lights of your main rooms (the kitchen, the dining room, the living room). Lowering the lights just a smidge creates a more relaxed atmosphere so your guests can really enjoy the night and have a great time.


If you’ve got some big ideas for transforming your home, we’ve got the team for the job. Let the experts at Eagle Construction take care of all of your home renovation and remodeling needs so you can sit back and enjoy the party!

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