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Creating the Ultimate Outdoor Space

Summers are made for outdoor activities. Spending time outside with your family and friends offers a much-needed reprieve from the hustle and bustle of everyday responsibilities. Kids can play while adults can enjoy refreshing drinks and catch up. 

Creating the perfect outdoor area to enjoy these activities can not only bring you closer to those you love, but it can also add value and living space to your home. Whether simple or luxurious, a deck, patio, sitting area in your yard, or even a pool can greatly enhance your daily life. If you are ready to add some open-air space to your home, the following are some tips that can help you create the perfect outdoor area for summer.


The first and most important step in any project is to create a plan. Perhaps you already have some ideas in mind or are ready to start with a blank canvas. Take some time to think through how you hope to use your space and write this down or draw it out.

If you need some inspiration, the team Eagle Construction is ready to help you determine the ideal layout for your outdoor space. Working with you, we can create a rough sketch to give you an idea of how the space will look.

Add Some Shade

In most areas, summer is hot, so it is important to think about how you can keep your space cool and comfortable. One corner or area can be designed, so it is covered with some sort of shade. This could be from a tree, awning, or pergola. 

Another advantage to having some protection from the weather is that it allows you to enjoy the space even on rainy days. Enjoy a cup of coffee on a dreary morning, or take shelter from the afternoon storms in your very own reprieve. Our team can assist you in selecting and implementing the perfect sunshade or foliage.

Consider a Deck or Patio

Having a dedicated place to sit and congregate can elevate an outdoor space. A patio or deck also protects from muddy conditions during rainy periods and reduces foot traffic on your lawn. It can be added to your house or be built as a stand-alone structure.

Selecting an appropriate material for such a project is key. The timber decks look beautiful, but the need for ongoing maintenance is a major downside. Be mindful about your investment and choose the flooring that will be long-lasting and weather resistant. If wood isn’t for you, concrete, recycled plastic, or ceramic flooring can be used. 

Create a Home Theater

If you and your family enjoy movie nights, adding a projector can allow you to enjoy your favorite pastime outdoors. Watching movies at night under the stars can be a fun, unique, and amazing experience. It is sure to bring everyone together to create memories that last a lifetime.

Add a Water Feature

Whether you are considering a pond or fountain, water can have a soothing effect on your space. Watching it glitter in the sun or listening to the quiet gurgling of a flowing stream of water will be sure to add to your relaxation. If you choose a pond, you can also add fish and plants for additional interest and entertainment. Or, if you prefer to start small, a simple birdbath can be an inexpensive way to add water to your yard and attract wildlife.

A Pool Brings Everyone to the Yard

Who doesn’t want to spend their summer poolside? If you’re like most of us, swimming and lounging by a pool is a favorite warm-weather activity. With one in your backyard, every day can be a pool day. 

While this is certainly a big-ticket upgrade, it can seriously level-up your outdoor space and add to the value of your home. As a major investment and construction project, most people choose to enlist expert help for installation. Eagle construction can assist with this and references trustworthy partners that can take care of any parts of your project we are not equipped to complete.

Cookout Around your Fire Pit

Fire pits provide a natural spot to congregate and cook. No matter your budget, there is a fire pit to fit the bill. These can vary from fancy to simple and can be used for cookouts and warmth if you would like to use your space in the cooler months. It can be a great spot to spend time with family and friends and may even inspire some backyard camping if you’re feeling adventurous. 

If your forte is cooking and a fire pit isn’t your style, a grill or outdoor kitchen can be a great option. This can also be implemented across a wide range of price points and upgraded over time if you choose. 

Lighting and Ambiance

Lighting is a great way to set the mood in any space, indoors or out. It can also allow you to enjoy your area after dark or on dreary days safely, Good lighting will create a wonderful ambiance. You can add some rattan ceiling lamps, hanging lights, path lights, or some standing lamps. These can be either electric or solar-powered, depending on your space and budget.

These are just a few ideas to consider while considering your needs and goals for an outdoor space. With a bit of inspiration and thought, you can create a beautiful and comfortable outdoor space for summertime to enjoy with your friends and family to enjoy for years to come. 

Whether you want to add a major feature like a deck or pool or just make a few small changes, Eagle Construction is ready to help. Our expert home exterior design and construction services can help you brainstorm ideas, incorporate your own designs, and execute your vision to perfection. Contact us today to get started!

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