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Fresh Home Trends For 2019

Moving into the new year means that it’s time to look ahead at all of the hot new trends and replace all of the stale styles from yesteryear. It can be difficult to parse out what exactly are the up and coming directions in home fashion are, but that’s why we’re here to help you out.

Using our tips as a guide, you can rebuild your space to more accurately reflect your personal flair, and at the same time explore different ways of expressing the space in your home. Some changes can be small accoutrements placed throughout a room, while others are more significant like actual reconstruction of a space.

Look through this list and see which are more in line with your personal style and can work best in your home.

Close up of a light hardwood table surface in a kitchen with green and white mosaic walls wooden consoles and a cooker. 3d rendering copyspace

Vibrant and Detailed Backsplashes

Over the years, there has been a trend of more minimalist designs reigning supreme over functional spaces like the kitchen, dining room, or bathroom. No more! Muted colors and plain patterns accenting your counters are out, and flashy, eye-catching graphic tiles are in.

Rich Warm Countertops

For kitchens, it’s all about rich color and warm impressions from the countertops. While muted tones and white tops have been popular for a long while, in 2019 look to express yourself and your creativity with every surface in your kitchen, especially your countertops.

Luxurious large living room style art Deco. Furniture in white tones and milky colors with beige sofa and armchairs. 3D render.

What’s Old Is Old, and What’s Older Is New

For a good long time, the trends mid-70s to 80s held onto the nostalgia factor for home decorating. They’ve influenced everything from knick knacks and furniture, to the actual construction of homes. Those in the know about these waves are calling for a resurgence of the opulence of the Art Deco era. Drawing heavily on bold geometric shapes accented by sweeping stairways, mounted mirrors, and the glam of 1930s Hollywood, Art Deco is on the rise.

Natural Curve

Curved furniture has been out for a while, but don’t be surprised for it to make a serious comeback in 2019. Combine your new curved couches with the organic sweeping boldness of the Art Deco for a space that seems to flow from feature to feature.

Bold Ceilings

In line with the Art Deco feel, the extravagant ceiling designs that used to be so prevalent in the form of tin ceiling sheets and dynamic chandeliers is coming back. Using stylized wallpaper, specially crafted moulding, or even using the classic tin ceiling tiles are great ways to harken back to this grandiose time.

Every Wall is an Accent Wall

Rather than drawing attention to one wall in particular, you should be proud of every wall in your home. Accent walls were meant to be a focal point in a room, but now each space in your room should have an omnidirectional experience when you walk in. Allow the art and other decor in your home to be framed on a uniformed backdrop, creating a balanced feel for you and your guests.

Interior of dining room with white walls, wooden floor, long table with chairs and black cupboard. 3d rendering vertical mock up poster frame

Flat Black Is Back

While the time of the middle ground grey tones has been enduring for years, it’s time to make a bold statement. Regardless of what other colors you have going on in a room, a single black chair can act as a focal point for the eye. The dramatic gravitas granted by a hallway with deep matte black wood floors contrasted with the white walls is exactly the kind of contrast that can make a home distinct and utterly memorable.

Regardless of your home remodel or style changes, it’s important to make sure you’re getting it done right. If it’s time to make a major change in your home’s style, Eagle Construction and Remodeling has the style experts and design specialists ready to help you make the most of your space with the newest trends and fashions.

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