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Home Movie Theaters: Building Fun Into Your Finished Basement

Finishing your basement is always a very exciting part of remodeling, since it adds so much usable space to your home. Many people choose to add home movie theaters to their basements, which is a great way to create a fun and functional space that your family and friends will be able to enjoy for years to come. There are lots of options for personalization to consider with a project like this, so here are some good ideas for your home theater.


Starting at the base level, consider the space that the theater will occupy. The best spot for a room like this will be away from ambient noise and natural light, which is part of why finished basements are common places to find home theaters. A section of the basement that’s a bit removed from the stairs and from the noise of the upper floors that doesn’t get much sunlight will be an ideal spot. During the early stages of the project, it’s definitely a good idea to put some carpeting down as that will contribute to sound quality as well as comfort. If you want to take it a step further, you can ensure that the walls in your space are drywall as opposed to cinder blocks, which would cause a movie’s audio to reflect strangely. You can even add a second layer of drywall or a specific soundproofing material into your walls to help insulate the theater from the noise of the rest of the home, and keep anyone who’s not joining in the movie from being disturbed by sudden explosions or loud dialogue.


The most important part of a theater is the movie viewing equipment, of course. There are a few routes that can be taken, with the most immersive experience provided by a projector and screen. Some people choose to go the route of a large TV instead, but the biggest screen and best results will usually come from a projector. These can be mounted on a ceiling or wall without too much fuss, as can the projector screen, which you can find many different sizes and varieties or, including retractable versions. Sound systems are also important to consider– some people opt for built in surround sound while others like their speakers to be a bit more accessible. 

Take this home theater project that Eagle Construction completed in Audubon, Pennsylvania, for instance. Installing this home theater was part of the overall basement remodel, including also adding a bar and a bathroom. The project took from March to June, with the only issues being Covid-related supply chain delays, and the family loved the results, especially the theater! An open speaker system was chosen for this room, as was a ceiling-mounted projector and large screen to give fantastic immersion once the lights are dimmed and the popcorn is made. 

The seating in the Audubon home theater is a comfortable reclining sofa, another great choice for this kind of space. Seating is another very important part of designing a home theater. Plush, luxurious sofas are a great option, as are individual reclining armchairs, which get bonus points if they include cupholders. Many different types of dedicated theater seats are available as well, usually as a row of big chairs with armrests and cup holders in between. It’s also very popular to add tiered seating if the space is large enough, which really emphasizes the “theater” part of home theater and is great if you have a large family or plan to host viewing parties with big groups.


If you really want to up the wow factor on your home theater, consider creating a designated spot for snacks and drinks. This could be as simple as a popcorn machine and a mini fridge or could include a full bar area to function almost like a concession stand. Keeping it stocked with drinks and snacks will have you always ready for an impromptu marathon. 


Perhaps the most transformative thing you can do for your home theater is choosing your decor to give the impression of a classic movie theater. The Audubon home theater has done it well with warm red walls that reflect the heavy drapes of classic theaters, and you can take it even further with things like sconce lighting, velvet curtains, or posters from your favorite movies. Don’t be afraid to get creative!


A home theater is a fun addition to any home, and will give you a space in which to spend many happy hours with your family and friends getting lost in a good movie. If you want to plan a project like this, Eagle Construction in the Berks County area is ready to help. Contact us today to discuss your options.


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