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How To Choose Between A Screen Porch And A Sunroom

Many homeowners look forward to the warm weather of spring and summer. These temperate seasons allow homeowners to get the most out of their property. The warm weather may have some owners looking to enjoy themselves from the comfort of their home.

When trying to enjoy this weather from “inside” owners typically gravitate towards two options; a screen porch or a sunroom. Both options are attractive to homeowners, with each carrying its own set of positive and negatives. If you are looking to add one of these options to your home, or convert one to the other, consider these factors before you make the leap.  


When examining purely the construction costs of both options, screen porches are going to be the cheaper option. Sunrooms require more work and labor and are subject to permitting.

Seasonal Use

Regardless of whichever option you choose, chances are the most traffic both rooms will get is during the warmer months. During the winter, chances are that both options will get little (if any) traffic. However, sunrooms may see more activity during the colder months, as the occupants are not exposed directly to biting winds.

Temperature Regulation

In terms of temperature regulation, screen porches likely edge out sunrooms. The screens allow air to move through the porch, and the porch will likely be close in temperature to that of the outside.

Sunrooms, however, have the tendency to store heat. With no circulation, they can be stifling during the height of summer. However, sunrooms are able to be heated or cooled with HVAC, while this is not possible for porches. This option for HVAC also means that homeowners can spend more time during the year comfortable in the room.

Both sunrooms and screen porches make good options for owners looking to enjoy the weather and their property from the comfort of their home.

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  1. I agree, it is important to make the plan of your sunroom as much detail as possible and in advance. Only this way you can provide all the unobvious details, and try to solve all problems in advance, before it’s too late.

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