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Ideal Remodels For Winter

Winter is a solid time to tackle remodeling projects, and just like with every season, there are some remodels that are best suited for this time of year. Choosing the right projects for your winter is key to starting off a great year of remodels and planning. Planning these projects now means you’ll be saving money in the long run when the busy season rolls around for remodels.

Insulate Your Home

When the cold fronts start to hit, your house becomes a warm and cozy refuge. Unfortunately, if your home isn’t properly insulated, you won’t be as comfortable as you could be. The benefit of cold weather is that it can make it super easy to identify where you might be lacking proper insulation in your home. Take this opportunity to target those areas for extra insulation. Attics are specifically notorious for losing heat, and are usually the space most in need of extra padding.

Brighten Your Interiors With A Fresh Coat of Paint

Take the opportunity provided by the drier air to put a fresh coat of paint in those areas of your home needing a bit more love. Bright and light colors can bring a breath of new life to a space you might have overlooked. Hiring contractors to take care of the painting can save you a ton of money, as their busy season is typically over the summer.

Replace or Replace Windows

Many contracting services run specials on window repair and replacement during the winter. The busy time for window work usually runs from late spring through the summer, so contractors are usually pretty free for this kind of project at this time of year. Just like identifying areas of low insulation, checking which windows are most in need of repair and replacement can come down to you noticing a draft or drop in temperature around it. A newer window is usually better insulated and more energy efficient, saving you money on heating and cooling costs.

Replacing Doors

Door replacements are a great project for this time of year. Doors can warp and get a bit drafty, and the best way to make sure you cover all of your bases is to replace the whole door. Upgrading a door can be a big investment, so sometimes smaller touches like doorknobs and a fresh coat of paint can go a long way towards giving your front door a bright new look. A door facelift can give the front of the house a whole new look.

Get That New Basement

Revitalize your basement with a serious remodel. While snow may be falling outside, you can make the inside of your home cozier and more welcoming with a fresh new look. The drier air of winter also makes this the ideal time to put up new walls and fresh paint. This is because mold and moisture will be less likely to form underneath these new layers. Insulating the basement will also keep your home warmer, lowering your energy costs.

When you’re planning your winter remodel, it’s always a great idea to seek the advice and expertise of experienced contractors. The next time you have a project you want to get done quickly and correctly, contact Eagle Construction & Remodeling.

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