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Interior Remodeling Projects Prior to Sale

When preparing to sell their homes, many homeowners go all out. This includes remodeling, copious cleanings, and quite a bit of stressing. Why not cut down on the stress, and remodel a bit earlier?

As long as you aren’t set in stone about the home you currently live in, chances are that you will eventually move from your house, and therefore, need to sell it. Working steadily on home remodels over the course of your ownership of the house can offset the time, money, and stress that come with last minute changes.

Even though the weather is still cold and snowy, it will soon be warm and sunny. Once the weather heats up and regulates, it is a great time to have these remodels done. Do you know what projects you want to complete?

If not, the list below may help you get started!

Bathroom Remodeling

One of the best rooms to remodel in your home is your bathroom. However, depending on how complete these renovations are, the remodel can be quite expensive. It is important to modernize your bathroom, regardless.

Starting early in your home ownership can allow you to work on more expensive remodels over time. Adding a bit of color, to play off of the pristine white of traditional bathroom appliances can be very appealing. In older homes, replacing your old pipes, sinks, and toilets is a great place to start. Not only does this add value to the home, it also strengthens the home’s integrity.

Kitchen Remodeling

One room that sees a lot of daily use is the kitchen. That’s why its very important to make sure that your kitchen is updated and visually appealing prior to your sale. Like bathrooms, kitchens are often very white. This color conveys cleanliness, a desirable attribute in both rooms.

Adding a bit of color, even if just a toned-down orange or red, can add some life to the kitchen. Countertops are also a big selling point in a kitchen. They may need replacing over time. However, if they are wood, purely refurbishing the counter may suffice in adding some value. Choose materials that look great but are long lasting, that can stand up to regular wear and tear. 

Home Lighting

Lighting within a home is often overlooked. However, lighting is very important in adding value and appeal to your home. The enemy of a homeowner looking to sell is a dimly-lit interior. The last thing you want is a buyer who steps away due to a dim or drafty looking interior.

Adding stylish and sleek lighting fixtures can definitely add value to your home. Recessed lighting is very popular and can add some very attractive elements to the house.

This list is far from comprehensive, but it is a good place to start and get your mind working on how to remodel your home for resale. What will you change about your home for the better this year?

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