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Modern Interior Window Designs Your Home Needs

If you are fortunate enough to plan out the design of your home with an architect or contractor, one of, if not the most critical aspect of your home’s design is the windows. Ask any homeowner what aspect they greatly admire about their home and their answer will often be the view. Adding a compelling modern window design can be extremely beneficial to enhancing the aesthetic of your home and brightening your view. Luckily, there are numerous modern designs out there that will be sure to add to your home’s overall interior design.

In year’s past, we’ve grown accustomed to large, bulky trim. Today we are seeing more modern trim being applied to the home. Contractors are beginning to use thinner or sometimes no trim at all to give homes a sleeker, more contemporary appearance. These simple straightforward designs can add significant value to your home and it’s overall beauty.

If you’re trying to bring a more modern minimalist design, then these trim designs should be used in your home. It important to make sure that your trim design is correlated with the rest of the interior detailing of your home for a consistent look. Here are some simple modern window trim designs that you should consider adding to your home interior.

Jamb Extensions

An extension jamb is the interior portion of the window frame that extends to the full depth of the wall. Typically, the extension jamb is painted to match the color of the surrounding wall. Although it is more costly than other options, giving your window a jamb extension will give it a modern, clean look.

There are a few different methods for achieving this type of appearance. This complex task can be done by removing the back edge of the trim board enough to cover the gap between the Sheetrock and window. Due to the complexity and the number of materials that come along with this project, it is most likely best to get professional assistance.

The amount of customized options for a jamb extension is endless.

Drywall Returns

If you’re looking to draw attention to your window opening, then look no further. This hassle-free option is much more affordable than a jamb extension. This project can save on finish carpentry and maintains the planar wall aesthetic without the need for reveal trims.

This process involves wrapping the Sheetrock at the window perimeter back to the window frame.

Flat Stock Trim

This aesthetically pleasing trim is one of the easiest and simplest window trim details to add to your home. This trim pairs nicely with light contrasting colored walls to give it a more modern look.

Ultrathin Trim

Ultrathin trim gives you a clean simple look. It’s just enough to conceal the fastening of the windows to the structure ever so subtly. If you choose to use wood as your thin trim, then it is suggested to have that same wood placed somewhere else in the room, perhaps for shelving.


This option gives you a modern, simplistic look. This generates a thin shadow line enclosing the window frame that outlines the window frame from the wall.


If you’re looking for new trim, these simple modern designs can add meaningful value to your home and it’s overall appeal. These projects can tricky when done on your own, so don’t be afraid to contact a remodeling specialist.

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