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The 5 Smartest Home Upgrades For Return On Investment

Some fresh upgrades to your home can have a significant impact if you plan on reselling it. A little remodeling work can help you bring in higher offers, and returns can sometimes even exceed the amount you invested into a project.

It’s never a bad idea to give your home a few upgrades before selling it, so here are a few projects that provide the best return across the housing market.

Minor Bathroom Remodel

Enough can’t be said about how effective remodeling bathrooms can be to adding value when selling your home. Minor remodel projects that include new tubs, flooring, toilets, sinks, vanities and fixtures can actually bring you a higher return than you put into the project. You can never go wrong with a minor bathroom remodel. Ever.

Minor Kitchen Remodel

Like bathrooms, kitchens are an area that really drives the value of your home. Some aesthetic upgrades can give your kitchen new life, like under-cabinet lighting, recessed lights, new countertops and updated flooring can be a smart choice before putting your home on the market.

Fresh Landscaping

Curb appeal is something prospective homebuyers love. Adding flower beds, plants and lots of color can brighten up a property and make it significantly more appealing. Typically, landscaping services don’t cost a ridiculous amount, making it an easy way to boost returns at resale.

Exterior Improvements

New windows, an attractive entry door, a deck addition and fresh siding can be nice touch-ups and projects that buyers thank you for. This adds on to the appreciation for curb appeal, as these projects make a home much more attractive to passerby, which makes homeowners happy. Spruce up the exterior, and you could get some pretty decent returns.

Basement Remodel

Think of this one from a homebuyer’s perspective. You tour two homes that are for sale, each with all of the features you want in a home, both are within your price range, but one has a finished basement and one doesn’t The home with the remodeled basement is undoubtedly more appealing and is more likely to lead to higher offers. Basements provide a nice bonus room for a variety of uses, something that is extremely attractive to those looking for a new home.

If you’re considering putting your home up for sale, keep in mind how some aesthetic and functional upgrades to your home can boost its value. From your bathroom and kitchen to your property’s curb appeal, a little bit of remodeling can go a long way toward getting you the asking price you’re looking for.

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