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Tips for Remodeling a Retail Space

Retail remodeling is serious business. As a business owner, you understand just how much of an asset your business itself is, and a remodel is an investment in your business. While it won’t require a shareholder meeting, a retail remodel will certainly be a big step for your business.

Just like people grow and change with time so must your business. Your customers and clients may be loyal, but you don’t want anything to feel stale. A remodel doesn’t have to be an overhaul, it could just be a little facelift.

So, read our article on remodeling a retail space to find out important tips that will help you boost your business into the present, impress your customers, and attract new ones.

When is it Time for Retail Renovations?

“Should I remodel my business?” If you find yourself asking this question it’s likely that you should. If you’re asking yourself it’s likely because you feel as though things have gotten boring, outdated, or stale. If you’re thinking it about your own business imagine what customers are thinking. Not to mention, your team may feel weighed down by the dated decor surrounding them.

General repairs and repainting should occur every two years or so, but a major remodel should ideally happen every 5-7 years. Now, we know what you’re thinking, “Well of course a construction company is going to say that.” That’s true, we do make money on remodels, but the big deal here is that: you will too. Customers will be attracted to your improved business; it’s like grand opening all over again.

Starting with the Entrance

What’s the first thing customers see when they look at your business? That’s right, the entrance. This is why it’s so important that you make your business’s entrance as engaging, welcoming, and visually pleasing as possible. The entrance is your business’s hand extending for a shake, and you want to make sure you don’t squeeze too hard or have a soft grip.

The entrance should reflect your brand. This means everything needs to be congruent with what your mission is as a business. You don’t want to turn customers off with anything that’s uninviting. This means you need the right colors, lighting, and fixtures.

There is a tricky balance between too much and too little, but with the right remodeling team it can be easily attained.

Creating a Renovated Flow

Inside IKEA

The inside of your retail space should encourage people to spend money. This might seem like a given, but did you know there are techniques that will genuinely boost sales. For example, you want to create a natural flow through your store. This means focal points that will guide customers through the space.

IKEA has taken this idea to the next level. Think about when you were there last. The store is literally one long walk and then all the merchandise at the end. You walk through the store and take a look at what you might like, all the while there are things on sale nearby that can easily be held throughout the store.

This is a proven method to drive sales. It won’t just make your business money, it will make for happy shoppers.

Picking the Right Pigments

Choosing which colors to use within your store shouldn’t be a guessing game, and it certainly shouldn’t be plain old white.

  • Black
    • While black is very sophisticated, it should be used sparingly. The best use of black is in high end store with exclusive merchandise.
  • Brown
    • Brown gives shoppers a feeling of trust.
  • Green
    • Green encourages shoppers to linger longer. This color helps turn those browsers into buyers.
  • Yellow
    • Yellow is effective in stores with products for children and babies, but it’s also effective in featuring cosmetics.

The Right Team For the Job

There is no decision more important that choosing the right team when it comes to your remodel. You need a business you can depend on, one that you know will do the job right. That’s where Eagle Construction comes in. We’ve been in this business for a long time now, and remodeling just so happens to be our speciality. Trust our team with all your commercial remodeling needs.

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