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5 Tips For Remodeling Your Business

If you’re looking at the possibility of increasing your business’s profile and efficiency, a remodel may be in order. Whether you’re staying in the same location and adjusting the space to meet your needs, or you’re moving into a new space and you want to make it totally yours, remodels are always busy endeavors for business owners.

Between closing to complete the work, customers (and employees) adjusting to the new changes, and making sure all of the work is done correctly and quickly, there’s a lot to keep track of. Before you set out to do your next business remodel, here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

1. Lay Out A Solid Plan

Putting a clear plan of action in place before you begin your remodel can keep you on track later on. This plan will act as a road map and a reminder about what your original goals were with the remodel. Part of this plan would involve budgeting, which can prevent excessive unnecessary spending during the project.

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It’s easy to convince yourself that every penny spent is worth it to bolster your business, but straying too far from the plan can mean the renovation will take longer, and the business will be closed longer. While you may be eager to jump right into the plan, it’s better to take more time coming up with a solid outline that you’re less likely to stray from.

Much like the old proverb “measure twice, cut once,” it’s better to thoroughly plan a remodel and execute it correctly, than make mistakes and have to enact a remedial remodel.

2. Clearly Communicate with Customers

Communicating your plans with your customers and employees is important. If your customers don’t realize that you’ll be closing for a few days to improve the space, you may miss out on a great opportunity for free advertising. If you have a day you’re planning on reopening, post a sign or send out a mailer letting your customer base know.

Customers who are excited about your new look or features will talk about it with other people, creating a wave of fresh interest and chatter about your business.

3. Set A Timeline And Stick To It

Clearly establishing a timeline and sticking to it will ensure your customers will be able to embrace the new remodels as soon as they can. It will also convey to everyone involved that your business can set a time table and be trusted to keep to it.

Imagine your customers coming on the day your store is supposed to reopen, only to find that it’s still closed. They’ll be less likely to return soon or take the revised date seriously if that’s the case.

During a remodel, remember that you may be changing some things that your regular customers have come to expect and take comfort in. This is your opportunity to keep a promise to them so that they continue to feel appreciated by the establishment regardless of how it looks.

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4. Maximize Work And Minimize Your Downtime

Just like with homes, when you remodel a business, you get the opportunity to make the whole space more energy efficient and updated. Even if it’s not directly related to the original remodel, taking the opportunity to do multiple improvements at once is always a good idea. Be sure to plan these side projects and their costs into the original budget so you can make the most of the time your business is not open.

Are your windows drafty? Could your walls use a new coat of paint? Are you looking for new floors to go with your new look? How about those light fixtures? Getting multiple jobs done at once can make that downtime more worth it. Replacing old wiring and lighting or energy inefficient windows can help you earn back your costs over time by making your whole business more efficient.

5. Use Professional Contractors

When it comes to your business, you don’t want any work done by amateurs. Working with experts in remodeling and construction ensures that you get the quality you need and expect for your business. Professionals bring years of experience to every project, and are more likely to finish your remodel on time. They are also capable of consulting with you about your expectations for your project, making the whole process easier.

Hands of architect or engineer working on blueprint meeting for project working with partner on model building and engineering tools in working site, Construction concept.

By contacting a team of experienced professionals early in the process, you can save yourself time, money, and headaches. Contractors are more likely to know the best methods and have suggestions for getting the most out of your down time. They may also have the ability to get remodeling supplies at a cheaper rate than if you were to purchase them yourself. In addition to having most if not all of the tools necessary, it can take a lot of the burden off of you to assemble all of the necessary materials.

If you’re considering a remodel for your business, you want to be sure that it’s being done right. Contact Eagle Construction & Remodeling today to see how we can help your business look good as new!

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