Winter Wonderland Home
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Turn Your Home Into a Winter Wonderland

Cya later, fall! It’s winter decorating time! Transform your home into a cozy winter wonderland with these awesome tricks and tips.

Indoor Decor

Add Some Blankets

Winter is cold, so make sure there is always an abundance of blankets in your living room. Not only will they be handy, but adding a few warm knit throws to your couch will make your living room the coziest place to be this winter.

Hang Those Wreaths

Wreaths are the easiest way to get into the holiday spirit without having to put in too much effort. Add one over your fireplace, on your doors, or anywhere that the wall is looking a bit bare!


Instead of going with holiday-themed wreaths, stick to winter and snow themed ones so you can keep them up until spring!

Winter Wonderland Home

Decorate Your Mantel

The fireplace doesn’t have to automatically be set with stockings. Get creative with your mantel and use it to welcome in winter’s cheer. Add some greenery, pine cones, candles, a wreath, or anything you want! It’s your winter wonderland, after all.

Winterize Your Chandelier

Dress your chandelier for the season by hanging ornaments from it. Extra Christmas balls or some homemade snowflakes look great dangling above your table.

Lay Out The Pine Cones

During this time of the year, you can never go wrong with pine cones. Grab some at the store and put them anywhere you’d like. Toss them in a bowl, lay them on the counter, hang them on your tree, or just add them to a wreath. The possibilities for pine cones are endless.

Outdoor Decor

Show Off Your Sled

A vintage holiday sled looks great propped up against your home. Add some extra pizazz by finishing your sleigh with a beautiful winter wreath.

Hang Some Snow

Make your winter wonderland appear like it’s snowing all the time by hanging some snowflakes on your window.

Use Your Ladder

If you have a small step ladder that’s just collecting dust, put it to use! Transform your step-stool into a winter party by decorating each and every step. Hang some garland, throw on some pine cones, and top it off with a holiday sign. You’ll be surprised you once ever used that ladder for anything else.

Decorate the Wood Pile

The spare wood for your winter fires doesn’t have to be an eyesore. Grab some steal buckets, pine cones, and extra Christmas lights and transform your wood pile into the most cheerful spot on your porch.

DIY Decor

Warm Up with a Scarf Wreath

If you have some scarves just sitting in your closet, turn them into a wreath! It’ll be sure to warm your house right up!

Make Your Own Snow

Transform junk mail and colorful magazines into the most beautiful snowflakes of them all. Plus, it’s a fun and easy craft your kids can enjoy, too!

Create Your Own Candles

Why buy candles when you can make your own holiday ones? Create the perfect winter candle using a mason jar, Glistening Snow-tex, tealights, and whatever decorations you want.

Winter Wonderland Home


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