Wood Barns across the Farms in the American Heart Lands
Remodeling Tips

Using the Old: Repurposing Barn Wood for your Home Remodel

As spring steadily approaches, many homeowners are planning remodeling projects. With the cold weather and freezing precipitation, now is a great time to make plans for the coming months.

Drawing up a detailed plan of the remodel is a great idea. In this plan, a budget is in order. A budget, in which you research the costs of everything in your plan, will likely reveal something about the remodel; materials are very expensive.

Regardless of the remodel project that you have in mind, you will need raw materials, sometimes extensive. Wood, wire, brick, and cement all add up when you are remodeling, quite quickly in fact.

The good news is that you can find a great source of cheap (or even free) raw materials in your local countryside. These fonts of materials are old, downtrodden barns. If you drive through rural areas, chances are that you’ve passed at least one.

These barns, which are torn down to make room for newer versions or further development, are often built with old-growth hardwood. This is a great material that can be used in many projects. Below are a few items that you can source from an old barn.


The most prevalent cut of wood that you’ll find in a barn, these pieces likely received the most wear and tear. However, if you find a few pieces in good shape, you’ll have some great material. These broad cuts of wood make great options for your own interior paneling project.


Barns often feature large beams of strong hardwood that serve as the backbone of the building. If you are putting up a garage or shed, these beams could be a great asset in the construction. If you set these beams in the ground with concrete, they’ll stay there forever!


Stone may be an afterthought when it comes to old wooden barns, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be taken advantage of. Stone was often used in the foundation of old barns, and can be used in the construction of chimneys or in decorative outdoor projects.

When an old barn is torn down, you can often get these materials for free, or very nearly so. The projects mentioned are just a handful of what you can complete with these raw materials. The sky’s the limit with an old barn for source materials. It’s a great, green way to kick off your next remodeling project!

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