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Remodeling Tips

Warm Up a Room Through Remodel

As winter continues in full force, it appears that the cold weather is here to stay, if even for a little while longer. Some people are fans of this weather, while many others are not.

Staying inside all of the time during this season, due to the often inclement weather, can weigh down on a homeowner’s mind. In fact, it may even get them thinking about home remodeling. One way to beat the winter blues while doing a little remodeling is to style a room so that it gives off a warm feeling.

It’s no secret that certain designs or color schemes can make a homeowner feel differently than others. That’s why it’s possible to make a room feel inviting and warm to its occupants.


One of the most obvious ways to warm up a room is by painting it. Vibrant colors are a great choice here. While yellow certainly is a bright color, it’s important to keep the color from being joltingly bright – The color should make you feel warm, happy, and energetic, not give you a headache. A warm orange or light green can be very good options for a variety of rooms.


The lay of the room, and the way in which the furnishings are placed, can have an effect on how inviting and warm a room is. If the room possesses windows, arranging any furniture so its focus is on the windowed wall can provide a more vibrant experience.


The furnishings that make up a room play heavily into how the room feels when you are there. It’s a good idea to slightly contrast your furnishings from the paint that you have chosen for your room. This keeps the furnishings from blending into the wall; in fact, it adds layers to the room. Avoid mono-coloring in order to increase the vibrancy of a room.


Lighting is one of the most important features in making a room more inviting. Proper, even bright, lighting within a room allows residents and guests better views of the room. Additionally, if a room doesn’t have a window, adding a window can literally warm up the space. Extra sunlight not only adds natural light to a room, it also adds heat.

Remodeling a room before the spring thaw comes can be a very rewarding experience. With a few changes, you can warm up the spaces within your home.

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