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Remodeling Tips

What to Look for in Rugs and Carpeting

When you ask someone, “What’s the hardest choice you had to make with your home remodel?” you wouldn’t expect them to answer, “Choosing the rug.” However, this problem affects many homeowners. Choosing the right rug or carpet can be a very difficult decision.

Quality carpet and rugs aren’t cheap; that’s why it’s important to thoroughly know exactly what it is you want from them. Rugs are a great choice for hardwood floors when you want to keep a classic, rich look, but also crave added color and comfort. Adding a carpet is a much more permanent decision. If there isn’t already carpeting in place, you’ll have to remove the current flooring. This can be an expensive and time-consuming process.

So, what is it you should look for when selecting a rug or carpet?


Close up of persian carpets Iranian carpets and rug.

If you are putting carpet or a rug down, you should invest in a high quality product. Not only will it last longer, it will look and feel better underfoot. A thicker carpet or rug will provide more support and cushion, and will likely be more comfortable than a thinner one.

One thing to note: If you have pets, particularly young ones, you may want to hold off on making a significant investment. Pets are known to have accidents, and sometimes it can completely ruin the carpet or rug.


Mug with coffee and home decor on wooden serving tray on sheep skin rug. Winter weekend concept, top view

If you are going to put the time, effort, and money into a quality rug or carpet, you should make sure the style fits with the selected room. Rugs especially come in a wide variety of colors and designs. If you can, bring a swatch of the material home to see how it plays off of the paint and furnishing. If it doesn’t work, don’t force it.

Neutral colors are a safe choice, but choosing a rug is also a great opportunity to add a little color to a room. Be careful not to overwhelm the senses with too much bright red, orange or yellow. These colors are best used as accents, or as part of an intricate pattern. Shades of blue and green can be used more leniently.

Braided Rugs

rug braided by my grandmother from wool scraps

When it comes to rugs, braided ones are generally not the most popular form, but can certainly add a dose of character to a room. A traditional style, braided rugs may just be what is needed to pull your modern home together. They are very soft and the quality, particularly with hand-braided rugs, is exceptional. They come in a wide range of colors, so there is likely one that will fit your needs. While you may not want to cover the  entire floor with a braided rug, they look great as accents by a door or underneath a piece of heavy furniture.

When you remodel, don’t let the carpet or rug stress you out. As long as you find a quality piece that fits with the room, it should help tie everything together.

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