New Bathrooms for Boomers
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Why Are Baby Boomers Remodeling Their Bathrooms?

There are plenty of reasons to do a bathroom remodel. Whether it’s to create more space to better serve your expanding family or you’ve grown tired of its outdated style, a bathroom redesign is always useful.

Why are the Boomers Remodeling?

Recently, more and more Baby Boomers (most of whom are now 55 and older) have been undergoing bathroom remodeling projects. Why the sudden need? They’re not redesigning modern and trendy bathrooms. Instead, Baby Boomers are creating more age-appropriate bathrooms that are safe for seniors.

A recent Houzz study surveyed Baby Boomers who are undergoing bathroom remodels. About 62% claimed their remodeling includes shower seats, 40% stated they’re lowering their shower entry curbs, and 55% are installing grab bars in their shower and bath area. After considering all of the aging in place tools and designs available, 47% of those surveyed decided to change their entire bathroom layout.

Aging in Place Bathrooms

Add Grab Bars and Rails

Incorporating rails wherever possible (such as around your toilet, shower, or bathtub) is the first step in creating a senior-friendly bathroom. Bars come in different shapes and styles so you can customize your look to better fit your exact needs.

Switch to a Walk-In Tub

Walk-in tubs are safer for older citizens who may not feel comfortable climbing into a tub. These tubs have doors and eliminate the need to lift your legs to get in, therefore lowering your risk of a nasty fall.

Install a Shower Bench

As we age our balance decreases. Add in some soapy water and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. That’s why shower benches are great to have in your shower. Using a transfer bench, you can rest comfortably and keep your balance while you bathe. There are plenty of benches to pick and choose from so you can pick out one that fits perfectly into your shower space.

New Bathrooms for Boomers

Don’t Skimp on Non-Slip Mats

With water splashing from your shower, bathtub, and sinks, your bathroom can create the perfect storm for a serious slip. As we age, even a minor tumble can send us to the hospital. To keep your bathroom dry, have it stocked with plenty of non-slip mats. Place one in and also around your shower to reduce your risk of taking a serious spill.

Add Lever Faucets

Lever faucets are easier to turn on and off, which helps as we age and we start losing some of our strength. There are many different colors and styles to choose from, so you can have fun picking out your cool new and easy-to-use faucets.

Raise Your Toilet Height

Increase the height of your toilet by three inches to make going to the bathroom a bit easier. You can do this by raising your existing toilet seat height or by replacing your old toilet with a “Comfort Height” toilet.

Keep it Clean

The best and easiest way to keep your bathroom safe for seniors is to keep it clean. Make sure there are no objects lying around, turn off any hair appliances when you’re finished using them, and throw away old shampoo and toiletry bottles that might be taking up space in your shower.


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