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Restaurant Remodel: Upgrade Your Vibe For Customers New and Old

Restaurants are alive. The people, the food, the atmosphere; it’s all ever changing. Restaurants have to keep up with so much demand, and sometimes, customers want more than the same old same old experience.

A remodel is the perfect way to show customers that your restaurant is just as lively as the first time they sat down for a delicious meal. It’s also a great advertisement to entice new customers to come inside for a great experience.

Here are five ways to upgrade your restaurant’s vibe.

1. Make A Grand Entrance

The first thing potential customers see is your front door. You want to make a great impression, and that means you want to create a grand entrance. Maybe a revolving door for that feeling of complete class. Not your style? How about a glass entrance that shows off everything going on inside. How could anyone resist? The glass entrance could also potentially help you save on heating and cooling costs too.

2. New Flooring

You’d be surprised by how much new floors can make a difference. New floors are without a doubt a fantastic way to upgrade the entire feeling of your restaurant, not to mention it’s rather cost-effective. The options are all there too from tile to bamboo, so don’t worry about not finding the right fit.

outdoor eating terrace

3. Plan a Patio

The space outside your restaurant might sometimes go unnoticed, but if you take advantage of that space, you could create a whole new experience for your diners. Imagine it, the grill, a mini-bar, those hanging old fashion light bulbs everyone secretly loves, it would be perfect. Customers would make memories at your restaurant and come back time and time again to make more.

New Bathroom Trends to Inspire a Remodel

4. A Bathroom Boost

It’s not what comes to mind first when you think of a restaurant remodel, but a state of the art restroom can make a huge difference. It’s a fact of life, people have to use restrooms. Why should your restaurant’s atmosphere stop as soon as customers kick that door open? Having a gorgeous restroom shows customers that you thought of everything for your place, and that you want to ensure their experience doesn’t have a single low.

London, UK - January 5,2019: View through the window of staff inside the restaurant in Covent Garden Market, one of the most popular tourist sites in London, UK.

5. Let The Sun Shine

You can change the entire look and feel of your restaurant by installing attractive windows. Windows are like free advertising. Just like a big glass door, people on the street will be able to look in and think to themselves, “I oughta try that place!” Beyond that, the natural light will bring a sense of life and energy to your dining room, and will open up the space all on its own.

Restaurateurs Remember

Your restaurant is special: the people, the menu, the atmosphere, everything. Make sure everyone else knows how special your place is, and you’ll be sure to see a sales increase. So, remember to make a grand entrance, put in new floors, build the perfect patio, give your bathroom a boost, and let  the sun shine in.