A Message from Eagle Construction & Remodeling

As always, the health and safety of our customers and staff remains a top priority. Pennsylvania will soon begin the transition of opening businesses and lifting regulations, and construction projects will be one of the first areas that will resume business.

We will continue to follow safety guidelines and protocols and take the Coronavirus pandemic very seriously. Adhering to the General Contractors Association of Pennsylvania’s guidance, we will:

  • Provide all of our employees with masks and gloves and instruct them to stay six feet apart from each other as well as our clients. They will not shake hands upon arrival.
  • Limit crew sizes and ensure that hand washing stations are present at every job site. For residential construction projects, no more than four people will be on the job site at any time.
  • Put sanitizing protocols in place and ensure that hand washing stations are present at every job site. Our crew will wash their hands frequently when they are not wearing gloves and sanitize their work space as well.
  • Stagger shifts and breaks to ensure that there is not a large gathering of people in close contact. When possible, our employees will drive separate to work sites and limit tool sharing. In the event that tools are shared, they will be properly sanitized before they are used again.
  • Limit supplier deliveries and prohibit unnecessary visitors to any project.
  • Identify a “pandemic safety officer” for each project or work site.

Our crew will be screened at the beginning of the work day and will be encouraged to stay home if they are experiencing any symptoms. We ask that you do the same. Please reschedule if you or anyone in your family is or has been sick recently.

We will continue to monitor the evolving situation and make adjustments as we see fit. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. We look forward to working with you again soon.