beautiful wooden library in older home

7 Vintage Features To Freshen Up A Modern Home

With so many trying to keep their home up to date with the most modern trends and popular features, the appeal of vintage homes and older components often gets forgotten about when remodeling or building a new home.

The truth is many of the homes we dreamed of as children captured our imagination due to their commitment to traditional designs, period decor and simple aesthetic.

As you consider planning out what you want your home to look like as you move forward with your remodel or new home construction, be sure to examine the many features that older homes once possessed that are just as alluring, if not more so, than the trends and designs occupying modern homes. Below, we’ll look at some of the most appealing features that yesterday’s homes housed so you can have a little inspiration as you prepare your home for a fresh look with timeless architecture.

beautiful classic staircase

An Elegant Staircase

Some staircases are so nice that they’ll be the first thing to capture your attention. Having a large, beautiful staircase with wooden steps and banisters will boost your home’s aesthetic appeal, giving it a refined feeling of elegance and importance.

home library with wood panels

A Book-Filled Library

Libraries give off a sense of comfort, status and intellect that other rooms simply don’t. Home libraries are glamorous yet functional, as they provide a space for reading, working and studying, all while serving as a visual centerpiece for your home. Consider built-in wooden shelving for added appeal.

hardwood flooring in nice bedroom

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors aren’t limited to older homes, but that’s truly where they made their mark. This is a material that should never be abandoned in construction and remodeling, as hardwood floors are timeless features that instantly increase the appeal of any home.

laundry room

Laundry Chute

Laundry chutes were extremely useful, as they offered one particular space to collect laundry without cluttering up your home with multiple hampers and laundry baskets. Plus, there is some fun to them. Who wouldn’t enjoy tossing dirty laundry and watching it fall away?

red dutch door

Dutch Doors

Dutch doors may seem pointless at first glance, but they’re particularly useful in kitchens, especially when the weather is nice. They help air out a room, while providing quick access to the outdoors for handing out food and beverages for summer dinners and picnics.

girl having coffee on sleeping porch

Sleeping Porch

Sleeping porches are small alcoves on homes that are exposed to the outdoors through open spaces or screens that are dedicated to lounging and sleeping in the warmer months. These porches have quite a charm to them and help you to enjoy the outdoors even more as it gets warmer.

built-in window seat perfect for reading

Built-In Window Seats

Built-in window seats aren’t as common as they previously have been, but that doesn’t take away from how great they look in a home, and how wonderful they are as a place to relax, read and enjoy beautiful views. If you’re looking for a comfy seating option that isn’t a recliner or a couch, built-in window seats are the way to go.

Traditional homes have a lot to offer current ones are you brainstorm ideas for how to freshen yours up. From storage to seating to staircases, it’s worth taking a look at the designs of old homes before you get too caught up in the latest trends, because there’s a reason old homes still have such a large appeal long after they’ve been built.

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