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Our Handy Guide to Kitchen Islands

Almost anyone homeowner will tell you that one of the best parts of their kitchen is the kitchen island. Kitchen islands support homeowners with a wide range of benefits, including practical features, aesthetically-pleasing design, and convenient extra surface space. 

If you’re considering adding a kitchen island as part of your next remodeling project, it can be intimidating to navigate all the possibilities. But our list below of kitchen island remodeling principles and suggested features will help you discover the best choices for updating your kitchen with an island that introduces both greater utility and an attractive design. 

Purposeful Island Design

Before you begin designing your kitchen island, it’s crucial to consider its main purpose in your home. Will it typically serve as comfortable seating for guests? Should it include new appliances to make a convenient layout for the rest of the kitchen? Will it mostly be used for food preparation and cooking meals? If your kitchen could benefit from extra storage, will your island provide more shelving, cabinets, and drawer space? Determining the primary purposes of your kitchen island early on will help you and your designer figure out the important decisions, including island size, layout, features, and building materials. This is one of the many reasons why it’s important to work with an Eagle Construction and Remodeling professional – there are a lot of small details that add up, all of which you might not consider independently, which could really influence how happy you are with your remodel in the future.

Kitchen Island Cabinets

Extra cabinet space is a great option for almost any kitchen island. You get the benefits of more storage without necessarily losing any walking space or surface areas. You can even experiment with the cabinets by changing their styles. For instance, many people who choose to have multi-colored cabinets will go for a second color like gray to complement white cabinets. And if you’d rather consider options beyond just base cabinets, wall cabinets can be used on the back end of the island to add space for kitchen seating. Both base cabinets and wall cabinets can be used to make a kitchen island.

Spacious Convenience

Do you like having company over for dinner parties, collaborative cooking, or anywhere in between? If you enjoy playing host and cook for family get-togethers, installing a larger island is usually the right choice. Beyond the wealth of extra counter space, it can provide you with more comfortable, convenient seating and even room for an additional sink, making hosting that much more pleasurable and convenient. For instance, once you measure the surrounding space, you’ll have a good idea of how much room is left and what kitchen island size is best for your kitchen and lifestyle. Since every kitchen has unique dimensions and individual quirks, a professional consultation is a great idea to help narrow down the best sizing.

Including Electrical Outlets

It’s a more modern trend, and many homeowners find that including electrical outlets on their kitchen island makes charging your mobile devices and powering electrical kitchen tools simple and convenient. Extra outlets can be ideal for additional food preparation for countertop appliances. The island is an ideal place for entertaining guests, so it also gives them a way to charge handheld devices while helping or hanging out in the kitchen. However, installing outlet ports on a kitchen island isn’t an easy feat to do on your own. An electrician or handyman is usually needed to move electrical wiring, and the experts at Eagle Construction and Remodeling can assist you with any part of the design and installation process.

Overall, Kitchen islands are an amazingly convenient, efficient, and aesthetically-pleasing addition for any home. Thanks to their wide range of design types, their handy practicality, and attractive designs, they’re a great choice for almost any home’s kitchen. To get in touch with the professionals about installing a kitchen island during your home remodeling project, contact Eagle Construction & Remodeling for an incredible remodel that improves how you use and feel about your kitchen.

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