What’s Your Home Style?

A person’s taste in houses is incredibly specific to them, and no two people will ever like everything the same. In order to find or design the perfect home for you, you have to first know what you like, and with the endless options out there, settling on your perfect home style can be a tall order. How can you possibly decide? 


To help you out, take this quiz that will help you figure out which of three very popular home styles is the one you most prefer. Once you’ve identified what you like about your favorite, getting your home to line up with your tastes should be a breeze!

Question 1: Describe your perfect house in one word.

A: Classic

B: Cozy

C: Chic

Question 2: You’re going on vacation! Where are you headed?

A: The beach

B: The mountains

C: The city

Question 3: If you had to pick one must-have feature for your home, what would it be?

A: A fireplace

B: A porch

C: Lots of windows

Question 4: Which bedroom looks the best to wake up in?




Question 5: Pick a beverage to serve to a guest at your house.

A: Tea

B: Coffee

C: Sparkling water 

Question 6: What is your ideal pet?

A: A cat from your local shelter

B: A good family dog, like a lab or a golden retriever

C: Something unique, like a snake or a parrot

Question 7: Pick a flower arrangement to put on the table.




Mostly A’s: Cape Cod

You want your home to look classic, charming, and as American as apple pie. The Cape Cod style of house has been popular, particularly in New England, since the 17th century, and is simple and timeless. They’re usually very symmetrical and have steeply pitched roofs, shingled sides, and chimneys. If you want something close to this style but not quite the same, try looking into Colonial houses, which are similarly classic, simple and symmetrical.

Mostly B’s: Craftsman

The perfect middle ground between old and new, the Craftsman style house emerged in America during the 20th century and is one of the most popular home styles today. They typically have low pitched roofs, exposed beams or rafters, stucco or stonework accents, and signature tapered columns. They’re welcoming and unique and while they retain classic elements, they look very fresh and modern. If you like the feel of a Craftsman but want something a little different, try the Farmhouse style, which tends to be more rustic and old-fashioned.

Mostly C’s: Contemporary

You’re the kind of person who wants to be individual and ride the cutting edge, and your taste in houses reflects that. Contemporary homes are bold and modern looking and tend to feature mixed materials and asymmetrical styles, open floor plans, lots of big windows, and geometrical shapes with strong, clean lines. Chic and stylish, they tend to always look like homes of the future, even if they were built recently. For a similar look that’s a bit more toned down, mid-century modern is a great option with similar geometric styles but a bit more simplicity and an emphasis on split levels for changes in elevation. 

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